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20|21 Conservação e restauro

Masterclass - Loss Compensation in Paintings

The 1st 2016 20|21 Masterclass will be a re-edition, and the bg news is that will be held in Lisbon, in the Casa-Atelier Vieira da Silva. The Masterclass 'Loss Compensation in Paintings' will be taught by the spanish teacher Laura Fuster, and will occur between the 30th of June and the 2nd of July.

Masterclass - Modular Cleaning Program

In November 2015, we organized the 12th Masterclass «Modular Cleaning Program», com Chris Stavroudis, a painting conservator that developed this cleaning program as an off-shoot of Richard Wolbers and the gels cleaning project and a filemaker database.

Restoration of the sculpture Vento d’Europa, in Strasbourg

In September we have been in Strasbourg restoring the outdoor bronze sculpture Vento d’Europa, from the Italian artist Gianni Visentin, that was in a bad condition.

20|21 in the 2015 Maia Biena

20|21 has restored three paintings from the portuguese artist Nadir Afonso that were exhibited in the opening exhibition in the Maia Bienal, in June 2015.

Masterclass - Understanding Asian Papers

In May 2014, we organized the 10th Masterclass «Understanding Asian Papers and their applications in paper conservation», with Minah Song, paper conservator in the Conservation Centre for Art and Historic Artifacts, in Philadelphia.

20|21 restores part of the collection of the Bienal de Cerveira Museum

In the first months of 2015, 20|21 team restored around 25 artworks from the Bienal de Cerveira collection; among them some paintings of Henrique Silva, Augusto Canedo, Gerardo Burmester, Artur Bual, Helena Almeida, and some sculptures of Fernanda Fragateiro, Rui Sanches, Rute Rosas, among others.

Norlinda and José Lima

In April 2015 we restored some artworks from the private collection Norlinda and José Lima that are in deposit in the Oliva Creative Factory Art Museum, that integrated the exhibition «Everywhere in the Same Sky», in the Centro de Cultura Contemporânea de Castelo Branco.

Collaboration with the Science Faculty

20|21, in collaboration with the Sciences Faculty of Porto, developed a study around the characterization of the superficial coatings degradation in the artworks of the portuguese artist Fernando Brízio. If you want to know more about this study, please contact us.

Elaboration of the conservation specifications for the Fatima Sanctuary

20|21 was responsible for writing the specifications for the restoration of the artworks in painting, sculpture, furniture and metals that occurred during 2014-2015.