Masterclass - Loss Compensation in Paintings

The 1st 2016 20|21 Masterclass will be a re-edition, and the bg news is that will be held in Lisbon, in the Casa-Atelier Vieira da Silva. The Masterclass 'Loss Compensation in Paintings' will be taught by the spanish teacher Laura Fuster, and will occur between the 30th of June and the 2nd of July.

Masterclass - Modular Cleaning Program

In November 2015, we organized the 12th Masterclass «Modular Cleaning Program», com Chris Stavroudis, a painting conservator that developed this cleaning program as an off-shoot of Richard Wolbers and the gels cleaning project and a filemaker database.

Masterclass - Understanding Asian Papers

In May 2014, we organized the 10th Masterclass «Understanding Asian Papers and their applications in paper conservation», with Minah Song, paper conservator in the Conservation Centre for Art and Historic Artifacts, in Philadelphia.

Masterclass - Varnishes for Paintings

In February 2014, we organized the 8th Masterclass «Varnishes for Paintings: Results from recent research and practical applications» with René de la Rie, Jill Whitten and Robert Proctor.

Next masterclass 20|21 – Care and Conservation of Modern & Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture

The next Masterclass 20|21 has as subject the Conservation of Outdoor Sculpture and will be held in Porto between 10th and 12th May’2012.

7th Masterclass 20|21 – Digital Prints: Identification and Preservation

The 7th Masterclass 20|21 will be devoted to “Digital Prints: Identification and Preservation” and will be held at the Centro Português de Fotografia, in Porto, between February 29 and 3 March/2012.

Priority to Contemporary Art – 3 masterclasses in 2011

After three courses in the last two years, 20|21 host three international masterclasses in 2011. As usual, the course focus on preservation of contemporary art, namely paintings and sculpture.

Workshop with Prof. Richard Wolbers

In June 2010, we organize the III Masterclass of 20|21, this time at the Faculty of Sciences – University of Porto, on innovative methods for cleaning of paintings, including gels and enzymes. Prof.

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